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[Originally posted on March 16, 2020]


I never release previews, but this time several reasons added up and convinced me to go for it:

  • the development has been sluggish in the last 3 years;
  • one cause is that after many years I returned to the Amiga, for which I started developing a few new engines, I made a new game (SkillGrid), and touched up some older projects;
  • the previous point means that I won't work on any Commodore 64 project any time soon :(
  • I publicly mentioned several times that I was working on QUOD INIT EXIT IIo, so, although I never made promises, maybe I generated some expectations;
  • all the above made me feel somewhat guilty, so I thought that a preview would make for a nice surprise;
  • the Coronavirus is hitting hard these days and nobody can really predict how the situation will evolve, so I thought I'd better let you enjoy now this incomplete version rather than risk that one day I have a (more) complete version but not the possibility to release it or less people to give it to - yep, it's a gloomy point of view and I hope that it will not turn into reality, but I just have to take into account also the worst eventuality, especially considering how evilly many (most?) governments have (not) dealt with the COVID-19 menace.

Eventually, I decided to release this preview as an exclusive gift to the QUOD INIT EXIT IIm users, who, in general, have been very generous with their donations - therefore, it is not freeware, so please don't spread!
To prepare it, I spent about one week adding features, improving/fixing the code, touching up graphics, refining maps, polishing things here and there, testing the results, and... playing just for the fun of it! Consequently, the development made some nice steps forward. When I started, I didn't even remotely suspect what would happen (in fact, I thought it would take one or two days at most).


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