Progress report 6

The release of the next preview is nearing! Among other things, it will feature some new mechanics and a bigger (but only about 40% complete) FUN PARK zone map - the animgif shows a little timelapse animation of its development (of course it does not come in full size to not spoil the fun).

By the way, news of the day: the screen redraw code is now 23 cycles faster and 23 bytes shorter - not much, but that's something very welcome when there are basically no more CPU cycles free!



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Amazing how much you got crammed into this one so far !

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Glad you appreciate that aspect, my friend!
The amount of content is mostly made possible by assigning the map data both graphical and functional meaning, and by writing specific code where needed - designing maps is a hugely brain-raking (but fun) puzzle.
There are other factors, too, but now I'm busy with getting the next preview released ;)