Progress report 1

[Originally posted on April 14, 2022]

After a few years dedicated mostly to Amiga projects, lately I've resumed the work on QUOD INIT EXIT IIo. I'm progressing at snail pace, but at least things are moving forward.
The video shows the current state of the FORTRESS zone.

This is what changed since the release of the preview...
* Worked on food/drink items: added 3 new types (which affects the gameplay, as it makes the appearance of the spinach can and of the Gasorade bottle less likely; this has been counterbalanced with the following changes); made the Gasorade bottle restore the turbofart meter entirely; made the cake (one of the new items) restore the satiety meter entirely.
* Changed portals/teleporting behaviour: when Zampo uses a portal, he is now automatically teleported to the right location (this simplifies the gameplay, as before misusing portals was too punishing - i.e. it made completing a zone impossible).
* Added baddies 2-frame animations.
* Accelerated Zampo relocation to checkpoints.
* Slown down the blinking of potties.
* Changed properties of some tiles so that food/drink items do not spawn on top them, becoming uncatchable.
* Allowed checkpoints in shadowed/dark places.
* Added zone exit icon (a thumb-up icon that blinks constantly to indicate the point Zampo has to reach after collecting all the potties).
* Ensured Zampo is visible when a game is aborted.
* Fixed bug that allowed to use the portals frames to teleport.
* Extended the intro story.
* Changed the design of the 'I' in the log, to match the font's.
* Made some optimizations.
* Made a few minor changes.
* Renamed meters: "belly satisfaction meter" -> "belly meter"; "turbofart charge meter" -> "turbofart meter".
* Worked on the CLIFFS zone: added 2 checkpoints to make it easier; added/improved some graphical details.
* Worked on the FORTRESS zone: improved/enlarged/extended the map; made the map easier; added the stars & hidden switches puzzles; improved/extended the graphics.
* Worked on documentation: improved/updated the the notice and the manual; renamed the notice as "quickstart guide".