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Challenge your visual memory - and a friend's! [Amiga] · By RETREAM


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Bugfix update
BatteMan reported a bug in the community section here on and, after checking out the code, I realized that I had introduced a bug (probably the cause of...
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One more update with some neat improvements
Lately I realized I could make the startup and cleanup code of SkillGrid more robust, so I improved it further. Then, I made similar (and more general) changes...
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v3.11 (20210601) * Fixed bug (introduced by the previous update) that allowed both players to point the same card at the same time. * Recompiled against further...
Another little update
v3.9 (20200626) * Recompiled with the P61 flag p61exec set correctly (i.e. 1; before it was set to 0, and that caused music not to play on systems with the CPU...
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Minor update
CHANGELOG * Fixed/improved music. * Updated P61 code with the latest version (P6112). * Replaced TV Sports: Football card with SkillGrid's. * Added old-style...
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As documented in the other devlog posts, over the years MeMO has been reworked/updated several times and released in three very different shapes. However, one f...
The whole story
MeMO was born in 1996 as a programming exercise. The inspiration came from the Memory Station sub-game of the game Deluxe Galaga . The first playable version wa...
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I am having a hard time using 2 joysticks on this game, does it not support that when play 2 player? Thank you, for othe...
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