Let there be sounds!

One more update, and this one brings sound effects back! I had removed - or better, omitted - them back in 2003, when I heavily reworked MeMO v1. These days I have rewritten the sound samples routines of my little framework precisely to re-add sound effects to MeMO: now, if you get tired of music, you have an alternative ;)
Additionally, a few other little improvements have been made.

v3.15 (14.8.2021)

  • Added sound effects.
  • Improved further outer antialiasing of characters on cards.
  • Made a few little optimizations.
  • Built against latest custom framework (which makes startup and cleanup more robust and has a bugfix).
  • Changed audio mode toggle key from [M] to [A].
  • Updated manual.

Note: I could not test this version on my Amiga 1200 because the monitor died. Last time I had tried it was yesterday, but this morning I made some more changes.


pre-installed copy (.lha) 468 kB
Aug 14, 2021
disk image (.adf) 880 kB
Aug 14, 2021
CD image (.iso) 896 kB
Aug 14, 2021

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