MeMO gets yet another update - and a rather meaty one!

Prominent changes (for more details, check out the changelog below):

  • made suitable for Amiga CD³²;
  • added numbers to cards;
  • improved graphics and audio.

v3.14 (1.8.2021)

  • Adapted to Amiga CD³²: added saving through nonvolatile.library when writing to disk fails; allowed pausing, aborting and name entering by means of the joypad; added CD ISO image to distro packages.
  • Reworked controls (see manual).
  • Added controls information to pause screen.
  • Added cards numbers to the back of face down cards (which helps with matching cards).
  • Straightened cards corners, to match better the overall sharp look of graphics.
  • Fixed bug that caused the EXTRA JOYSTICK option to be highlighted shortly after returning from the "about" screen.
  • Made several optimizations.
  • Adapted to and built against latest custom framework (which makes startup and cleanup more robust and has a couple of bugfixes).
  • Fixed/improved/added outer antialiasing of graphics on all cards (trying to stay faithful to the original design).
  • Touched up a few cards.
  • Reduced and partly eliminated bass notes clicking.
  • Made various other minor changes.
  • Improved manual.


pre-installed copy (.lha) 412 kB
Aug 01, 2021
disk image (.adf) 880 kB
Aug 01, 2021
CD image (.iso) 836 kB
Aug 01, 2021

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