Progress report 5

The development continues slowly, but still quite some progress is being made. I'll post a full changelog when I release the next preview (soonish), but for the moment being I'll just report that the maps have grown bigger. In particular, the CLIFFS zone map is now 80 pixels taller (the overall size is now 2048x928), which allowed to have the underground section develop as a proper network of tunnels. In the meanwhile, enjoy this couple of sneak peeks ;)



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The way the portal heals has been modified, so the animation shown earlier is no longer valid - now it works on a line-by-line basis and looks as shown here:

Looking forward to this! Perhaps we could distribute the next demo, exclusively on the ZZAP! 64 cover disk? (November 21st). Keep up the nice work!

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Thanks a lot for the appreciation and the proposal :)

However, I prefer to make the preview freely downloadable by anyone, and I hope to have it out much earlier than that - the only thing that's holding it back is that I want it to have a less incomplete FUN PARK zone (i.e. first level) map.
But if you feel like having a look at the preview right away (and additional/insider information), so that you can talk about it in the mag, feel free to contact me by email (contact_retream_com) ;)