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The Apocalypser has been activated. Turn it off before it brings Earth to an end.


MAH is an arcade game which brings you frantic, immersive, and totally innovative gameplay.

Your objective is to stop the Apocalypser's 90 minutes countdown. You are obstructed by the ApocalypShield, a software system made of 24 security bitwalls and numerous virtual guards. You operate a hacking tool called Peekpoker.

(Click the pictures to see them in full size.)

To disable a bitwall, you must clear a number of bitbricks (PHASE A)...

... and then enter a password (PHASE B).

Moreover, every other bitwall, you have to enter a port after unlocking the combination that blocks it (PHASE C).

Additionally, every 3 bitwalls you need to travel through a protected channel and collect enough keys (PHASE D).

As if the above were not enough, if you are caught too many times during PHASE C and D, you will be put in jail, whence you must escape by stealing the key and then reaching the keyhole (PHASE J).

Finally, you have to defeat the Guardian A and press the switch that interrupts the countdown (PHASE E).

Despite the staggering amount of information above, there is even more! To learn about each and every detail, check out the on-disk manual.


MAH is a Commodore 64 game. It comes on a disk image, but, to let everyone enjoy it easily, it is available also on AmigaOS 4 or Windows as a package that allows to install and run the game as if it were a native application (thanks to the VICE emulator).

Requires: PAL C64 + joystick + 1541 drive
Compatible with: any SID chip / SD2IEC devices / fast loaders


The game sports/utilizes:

  • 100% high resolution graphics
  • sprites overlaying/multiplexing/zooming
  • sprites-background prioritization
  • pixel-perfect collision detection
  • parallax scrolling
  • character-based animations
  • raster beam synchronization
  • open vertical borders
  • flicker-free rendering
  • screen transitions
  • 50 FPS full screen free positioning (ending only)
  • context-sensitive music
  • variable speed music playback
  • code load distribution
  • stand-alone programs (intro, menu, manual, game, ending)
  • single-load game program

To overcome the limitations of the hardware sprites, moving objects use the following arrangements of sprites (overall size / number of colors / number of sprites - objects):

  • 24x21/1/1 - patrols, Dogguard, satellites, Ghosthriller, Peekpoker, beams
  • 24x21/4/2 - keys
  • 24x21/4/4 - combosses, Super Peekpoker
  • 24x21/5/3 - Brickbot, Lockhead, Cobberman
  • 24x21/7/5 - spaceship
  • 48x21/2/3 - credits
  • 48x42/1/3 - Ghonster, Ghosterror
  • 48x42/6/13 - guardians

The game programs have been created in a very special way: the sources are written in C (on top of a custom framework) -> they get compiled into executables for AmigaOS 4 (the development platform) -> which generate highly optimized BASIC-BOSS sources -> which are compiled with the BASIC-BOSS COMPILER into native C64 programs.


This game is DONATIONWARE. Any use for profit is PROHIBITED. If you like it and you play it, you MUST make a donation to a respectable humanitarian aid organization. Thank you.


MAH is part of a saga that, as of writing, includes five totally different games.
BOH opens the story, with the Evil Masters bringing chaos to Earth. In Huenison, the fight continued against just the eponymous character. Eventually they were all repelled from Earth, but, as seen in QUOD INIT EXIT IIm, during their retreat, Huenison and his companions happened to pass by planet Suinio and decided to cause trouble there as well. MAH shows that, even years later, the memory of the Evil Masters still lives on in the aspect of the virtual guards that a group of fanatics created to protect the Apocalypser, a device capable of destroying the whole planet. Finally, KOG assigns the hero who saved the Earth in MAH a new mission: when back to his space colony, he learned that peace was at risk and was asked to develop a sofware application for defense training.

More information

Published292 days ago
Release date1 year ago
Tags2D, 8-bit, Abstract, Arcade, chiptune, commodore-64, Futuristic, Pixel Art, Retro, sprites
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Joystick


C64 disk image (.d64) (83 kB)
AmigaOS package (.lha) (1 MB)
Windows installer (.exe) (1 MB)


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The game is really enjoyable especially the old look but i don't know how to exit, i hard to hard stop my computer once and then sign out with the ctrl + alt + shift shortcut.

Glad you like the game so much :)

You can quit in several ways:
* [ALT]+[F4]
* [ALT]+[X]
* pass to window mode with [ALT]+[D] and then click on the window close gadget or select File->Exit from the menu.

Thank's. I'll do that next time.

You're welcome!


how do i start the game? when i enter it does some sort of a commodore thing and i have no clue how to do this

The game starts with a notice: there you need to press either [D] or [N] (as indicated on screen).
After that, the intro will load automatically. At each screen of the intro, press [FIRE] when the green arrow flashes to pass to the next screen (or to start the game when the logo is displayed).
Once the game loads, it starts with the ApocalypShield interface getting corrupted (done intentionally done to represent the fact that somebody is hacking into it): that's where you enter your name.
After that, the interface is restored and you can start the game.

For more details, please check the file USEFUL_TIPS.txt and, even better, the on-disk manual (you can start this from the game's own menu).

Note about the loads: please be patient, the game runs precisely on the Commodore 64, so it takes a few seconds ;)