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Hack the Apocalypshield, save the world! [C64] · By RETREAM


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Disk unboxing + more
Finally also the pre-production disk edition by Protovision has arrived. This video lets you have a look at it while hearing stories about its making and learni...
In the past few months, MAH underwent some massive testing (it has been played from start to finish more than a hundred times, in addition to other smaller test...
Cart unboxing + first run + more
The first pre-production copy of MAH has been received from RGCD. You can have a look at it in this video - and also learn a lot and hear stories about the game...
On-cartridge/disk manual
The cartridges and disks are going to be produced soon. The on-cartridge/disk manual has been reviewed one more time to ensure the highest quality of the produc...
MAH v1.0 was originally released for free on August 9, 2015. MAH v1.1 was released on December 14, 2016, and brought the following changes. 1. Made it easier to...