A new stage and ten new arenas to enjoy!

This build represents a major step as it adds lots of content and brings quite a number of additional improvements.


  • Added stage THE WAREHOUSE (previously THE CELLARS/JAILS).
  • Added 8 arenas.
  • Added milestone bonus (a soldier is awarded every 20000 points).
  • Reduced number of wors to kill per stage.
  • Refined rendering of blast marks, so that they follow the irregular borders of the nearby vertical tiles.
  • Reduced shadows to 2 bits to make them sharper and stay more faithful to 16 bit machines.
  • Touched up / redrawn a few tiles.
  • Updated/improved manual.
  • Made a couple of minor bugfixes.


AmigaOS archive (.lha) 3.7 MB
Aug 13, 2019
Windows archive (.zip) 3.7 MB
Aug 13, 2019

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