More testing, more improvements, and a new release candidate!

Further testing suggested a few new little ideas that I found irresistible: it's definitely late for new features, but still I just had to implement them. Of course, I'll repeat the testing thoroughly to ensure that nothing got broken in the process. Also, adding one of those features revealed a little bug (that was subsequently fixed, of course). Overall, testing went very well, so I believe that the current release candidate is the one that will get released. More testing will tell.


  • Added little screen flash effect while Hodwork and Ikuwor are active.
  • Made SOLDIER bonus award points when the maximum number of soldiers is already available.
  • Added MILESTONE bonus points to post-arena report when awarded thanks to the other bonuses.
  • Added randomization of menu background scrolling.
  • Doubled speed of menu background scrolling.
  • Fixed handling of dead soldiers sprites (they got erroneously re-linked to a list).
  • Fixed/improved manual.

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