A brand-new stage and tons of other improvements!

Finally Blastaway has more than one stage (i.e. setting), which means more graphics to enjoy, greater sense of progression (as the stages change every 10 arenas), and more arenas to play (20 in all now, but they will be 50 when, in the end, all the 5 planned stages are done).


  • Defined the setting of the stages and gave them names (THE CAVES, THE OUTER WALLS, THE CELLARS, THE CHAMBERS, THE LABS).
  • Added a new stage (THE CAVES).
  • Changed naming scheme of arenas.
  • Extended handling of arena clearing: now an arena will be declared cleared only after also all the keys have been picked up (before, killing the Exxwor immediately ended the action and thus the player could miss the keys not picked up yet, which could make facing the following arenas impossible).
  • Recalibrated bonuses distribution.
  • Made killing the Dmewor easier.
  • Made picking up keys easier.
  • Improved Exxwor's AI a little bit.
  • Halved wors speed increase between arenas.
  • Prevented entrance doors from closing if any wor is in the entrance area (otherwise, a wor might get stuck there, thus becoming unreachable by the active soldier inside the arena, which could well lead to a situation where it was impossible clear the arena and continue the game).
  • Adapted/improved/fixed some arenas.
  • Adapted/improved/extended manual.
  • Made various other improvements/bugfixes.


AmigaOS archive (.lha) 3 MB
Aug 06, 2019
Windows archive (.zip) 3 MB
Aug 06, 2019

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