A less traumatic start.

Previously, the entrance was such that the player had to enter the arena very carefully, a enemies might hide behind the arch, and only their shadows could be seen behind the entrance bars. I decided that it was a little unfair, so I have redesigned everything.
The "only" other notable change here is that the AmigaOS 4 version gets hardware-accelerated scaling. Before, the old AmigaOnes like mine (AmigaOne XE G4 @ 1 GHz + Radeon 9000) had a very hard time coping with zoom factors from 3x and above (e.g. at 4x the frame rate dropped to about 16 fps), but now the game runs constantly at full speed, no matter the zoom factor! (The second part of the video shows precisely this.)


  • Redesigned entrance so that enemies behind it can be seen.
  • Added (experimental) hardware-accelerated scaling to AmigaOS version.
  • Added an arena.
  • Touched up some arenas.
  • Improved manual.


AmigaOS archive (.lha) 3 MB
Jul 23, 2019
Windows archive (.zip) 3 MB
Jul 23, 2019

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