Let them spit fire!

Enemies aren't that dangerous if they can't shoot, are they? Well, now Akrwor, Baqwor, and Czywor will happily shoot at the soldier - they do it in different ways, but the result is the same: deadly.


  • Given Akrwor, Baqwor, and Czywor the capability of shooting.
  • Touched up graphics of laser beams and explosions.
  • Increased a bit pitch of Baqwor's roar.
  • Replaced [PAUSE] with [F12] to pause/unpause (as they [PAUSE] key of one of my keybords does not send a release signal).
  • Reworked video options: now the zoom factor is always set automatically (it gives a bit less freedom to the user, but at the same time it makes things easy for everybody).
  • Updated manual.
  • Made various internal improvements/bugfixes.


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Jun 29, 2019

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