Enter Baqwor!

Blastaway, like Wizard of Wor, features 5 different types of enemies (called wors). And, again like Wizard of Wor, it assigns them some weird names: Arkwor, Baqwor, Czywor, Dmewor, Exxwor (from the least to the most dangerous). However, until now, they were all represented by the same set of sprites (just with different colors): those belonging to Arkwors. Finally, a new set of sprites has been added, and Baqwors have their own face!
Moreover, all the wors, except Dmewors, have been given appropriate "voices", which distinguish them even more.
Finally, this new build brings a few other nice touches ;)


  • Added laser beams "wall hit" effect.
  • Remapped palette of wors sprites to the global one.
  • Added graphics and voice of Baqwor.
  • Improved logic of Akrwor voice (now it roars only when it has the soldier in sight).
  • Swapped voices of Arkwor and Czywor.
  • Increased channels for sound effects to 10.
  • Changed pause handling (auto-pausing has been removed and only [PAUSE] is used for both pausing and unpausing - this avoids clashes with system shortcuts like [ALT]+[TAB]).
  • Made various other internal changes/improvements.


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Jun 27, 2019

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