More polish, more content, more everything!


  • Added enemies spawning visual effect.
  • Renamed "life/lives" as "soldier/soldiers" everywhere (that reflects better the fact that there are multiple soldiers, each with a single life, rather than a single soldier with multiple lives).
  • Tweaked some gameplay parameters:
    • increased maximum number of soldiers from 3 to 6;
    • reduced maximum enemies speed;
    • increased chances of soldier and weapon bonuses.
  • Added 10 arenas (derived from the BOH mission "Wizard of Wor", based, in turn, on some Wizard of Wor dungeons).
  • Reorganized arenas: arenas 5 and 10 of each stage are dungeon-like, whereas the others have a more open, geometrical layout.
  • Made many internal improvements/extensions/bugfixes.
  • Extended/improved/fixed manual.

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Jun 13, 2019

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