It feels like a game now!

Finally Blastaway feels like a real game, rather than just an engine! It is even actually possible to play through all the currently available arenas* and complete the game... and even make it to the hiscores chart!
*There are only 10 arenas at the moment, but the final game is planned to have at least 5 stages with 10 arenas each (i.e. 50 arenas in all).


  • Added collisions handling.
  • Added the two missing AIs.
  • Added entrance.
  • Started adding points.
  • Finished stage/level handling logic.
  • Added minimal start/intermediate/end screens.
  • Added 9 arena layouts (derived from some BOH missions!).
  • Touched up graphics.
  • Made many other improvements.

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May 31, 2019

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