1 wor to go!

The Exxwor, the wor that appears at THE WAREHOUSE stage, has been added, so now only one wor remains to be done!
Additionally, this build comes with a major bugfix and other nice improvements.


  • Added (new) Exxwor (the wor specific to THE WAREHOUSE stage).
  • Made score restart from 0 when a game is resumed.
  • Added 32nd (and last) color.
  • Touched up some graphics.
  • Changed (again) background of arenas title screen.
  • Fixed major bug that made the software-based 5x scaler crash (a whole line of code had disappeared by accident).
  • Updated/extended manual.


AmigaOS archive (.lha) 3 MB
Sep 21, 2019
Windows archive (.zip) 3 MB
Sep 21, 2019

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