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Video-related code improved
CHANGELOG Changed rendering of menu items. Added 6x zooming. Reworked/optimized CRT filters. Improved/fixed video initialization...
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Cosmetic changes to the menu
One of my supporters found the menu item blinking a bit stressful, so I went for the old solution shown in the video. I'm not 100% sure yet: maybe I'll have to...
Another maintenance release
A complete playthrough and a revision of the code revealed a few things to fix/improve. CHANGELOG Made WEAPON bonus less rare. Fixed an AI-related bug. Fixed mi...
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Maintenance release
CHANGELOG Changed slightly darkening of arenas start screen background. Fixed (again) Gjawor's AI (it might get stuck due to a missing check). Fixed wor spawnin...
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All wors done!
CHANGELOG Added Frowor. Changed Gjawor sound. Added points missing to milestone to HUD. Reworked HUD. Fixed Gjawor's AI (it could decide to turn when not allowe...
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More steps towards perfection
CHANGELOG Made Exxwor shoot. Reworked arenas start screen (darkened background, changed heading, added wors list). Touched up a few arenas. Touched up some Exxw...
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1 wor to go!
The Exxwor, the wor that appears at THE WAREHOUSE stage, has been added, so now only one wor remains to be done! Additionally, this build comes with a major bug...
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Stage-relative checkpoints added!
When a new stage is reached, the whole game state gets saved so that it will be possible to resume the game anytime from the same state by means of a menu optio...
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