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New features added and a few bugs squashed!
This releases puts together a few new nice features and some bugfixes. CHANGELOG Added M.I.A. bonus - clearing an arena without losing a soldier awards 1000 poi...
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Higher scores!
Wizard of Wor , the game Blastaway inspires to, has a DOUBLE SCORE bonus: if the player manages to kill the Worluk before it flees, the next dungeon will award...
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Gameplay improvements
This update improves some key gameplay aspects and, in particular, fixes the bug that made beams pass through fast-moving wors without killing them (the so-call...
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A small but key change
The soldier weapon is now centered relatively to his body, so it is easier to hit wors especially when the soldier is pointing west/east. Also, the HUD should b...
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A new stage and ten new arenas to enjoy!
This build represents a major step as it adds lots of content and brings quite a number of additional improvements. CHANGELOG Added stage THE WAREHOUSE (previou...
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THE JAILS stage under construction
The creation of THE JAILS (formerly THE CELLARS) stage is well underway. The image shows the WIP tileset (bottom) and a test arena (top).
A brand-new stage and tons of other improvements!
Finally Blastaway has more than one stage (i.e. setting), which means more graphics to enjoy, greater sense of progression (as the stages change every 10 arenas...
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THE CAVES stage is complete!
THE CAVES stage has been finished (but it might still be improved in future, of course)! (Public release coming up shortly; for the moment being only Patrons ha...
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