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Another visitor... Play a while, go mad forever! · By RETREAM


Recent updates

New production run
New small production run for those who asked for a copy after the first run.
Physical copies arrived
The Huenison (and BOH Deluxe ) physical copies have arrived and they look more beautiful than the camera can ever capture!
Physical edition ordering open!
The physical edition of Huenison can now be ordered - check out the picture attached to this post. See this devlog post for information about the product.
Physical edition
A great game like Huenison just screams for a physical release. And a plush one at that. See this devlog post for ordering information.
May 1, 2018 * Fixed handling of %TMP% on Windows; * Improved documentation. March 11, 2017 * Improved joypad handling. * Reworked controls reconfiguration. * Ma...

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