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Recent updates

v1.10 (06.08.2022) * Disabled registration procedure when SDL_net is not initialized. v1.9 (31.07.2022) * Added field dark columns: the background is darkened...
Minor update
Disabled registration procedure when SDL_net is not initialized...
4 files
Features update
Lately work has been done in parallel on all the RETREAM games. It began with the objective of aligning the technically similar ones for PC so that they would h...
4 files
Bugfix update
By coincidence, shortly after the release of the previous update, I received a test report from the Steam team, who had found of that Huenison didn't open autom...
3 files
Compatibility update
This update tries to address the issue of some joypads not being seen due to the fact that at times Windows reports D-pads as thumbsticks. CHANGELOG * Added sup...
3 files
Video system improved/extended
The physical edition produced in 2018 was supposed to close the development of Huenison (originally released in 2013 and then updated five times). Yet, the deve...
5 files
New production run
New small production run for those who asked for a copy after the first run...
Physical copies arrived
The Huenison (and BOH Deluxe ) physical copies have arrived and they look more beautiful than the camera can ever capture!...

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