v1.10 (25.6.2023)
* Changed contact email address in manual.

v1.10 (6.8.2022)
* Disabled registration procedure when SDL_net is not initialized.

v1.9 (31.7.2022)
* Added field dark columns: the background is darkened, in an alternate columns fashion, by 50% in the first set of levels, by 25% in the second set of levels, by 0% in the third set of levels and by 75% in the last level (given that the columns match the virtual columns bricks descend along, they make for a precious visual aid to aim at the bricks).
* Added 20 points bonus for when CRUSH brick lands on the ground.
* Added function to use the RESTORE bonus to joypad (it had been forgotten!).
* Added internal graphics screenshot function (assigned to [F1]; the visible graphics are now captured with [F2]).
* Changed string requester so that entering an empty string means also "abort"/"reject" (depending on the context).
* Considered also D-pad input for "press any key/button" requests.
* Worked on online hiscores: improved/updated information texts; added possibility to retry up to 10 times if sending fails (in particular, when the email address registration has just been done, this makes it much easier to send the hiscores immediately thereafter).
* Slightly changed level names.
* Optimized static strings definitions.
* Simplified data files access code.
* Made a few little optimizations.
* Replaced version string with an AmigaOS-style one.
* Added to Windows installer code to import previous savedata and clean up leftovers.
* Added Windows portable version.
* Updated manual.

v1.8 (23.7.2022)
* Added experimental code to have the Steam on-screen keyboard open automatically when text entering is requested (totally untested due to lack of a Steam Deck; chances are it will not work, as the game is completely software-rendered; feedback welcome).
* Reworked assignments of the kind *p++ = ... *p ... (as they are miscompiled by some versions of gcc).
* Fixed (server side) registration for hiscores / hiscores receiving and added SITE.PORT configuration option for future use.
* Improved/updated manual.

v1.7 (20.7.2022)
* Added support for thumbsticks, as at times Windows treats D-pads as thumbsticks (this is just to support as many joypads as possible: using real thumbsticks is not a good idea anyway).
* Touched up manual.

v1.6 (16.12.2019)
* Simplified and optimized CRT pixel modes.
* Made 4x LCD pixel mode slightly brighter.
* Added 6x pixel modes.
* Added hardware-accelerated zooming for solid pixel modes to AmigaOS version.

v1.5 (1.5.2018)
* Fixed handling of %TMP% on Windows.
* Improved documentation.

* Improved joypad handling.
* Reworked controls reconfiguration.
* Made other minor internal improvements.

v1.3 (13.1.2017)
* Excluded from the options the resolutions bigger than the desktop's (the system might report wrong resolutions, for example due to a KVM switch).
* Replaced the star icon with a thumbs-up icon to mark the best resolutions.
* Made a few other minor internal improvements.
* Revised documentation slightly.

v1.2 (12.12.2016)
* Touched up the logo.
* Colorized and reformatted the scrolltext.
* Changed Huenison's face colors.
* Changed the screenshot hotkey from [PRINT] to [F1].
* Made the pause breakable with any key.
* Compensated system delays so that the video refresh is as close to 50 fps as possible.
* Changed the log file location to T: (AmigaOS) / %TMP% (Windows).
* Added multiple icon sizes (AmigaOS).
* Improved the manual.
* Improved the installers.

v1.1 (26.2.2016)
* Added ALL LEVELS bonus.
* Added 5x CRT dots mode.
* Added screenshot feature (press [PRINT] to take screenshots).
* Gave Huenison's face a different color at each interlude.
* Reworked video initialization:
  * allowed running in window on 16-bit screens;
  * worked around libSDL 1.2.13 bugs on AmigaOS;
  * handled case of no resolutions returned by SDL_ListModes().
* Worked on disturbances upon level completion:
  * fixed disappearing of BADLINES;
  * ensured that disturbances are never generated again after being disabled.
* Activated BADLINES sound effect in FACE-OFF level.
* Added fixed channel for speech to avoid it being interrupted.
* Fixed surface leak in wiper cleanup.
* Changed timing check of intro, so that, even if auto-pause kicks in, still the menu becomes active as soon as the speech ends.
* Moved RESTORE bonus notification to when it is achieved.
* Moved hiscores saving to after player name is entered for more robustness.
* Re-rendered final speech sample with two additional laughs.
* Made audio halt immediately when pause is entered.
* Redesigned icons.
* Updated/improved notices/instructions/manual.
* Made a minor optimization in menu.
* Made other minor changes.

v1.0 (12.7.2013)
* First release.

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