BOH ADVANCE progress update

The ADVANCE version of BOH has been in the works for quite a while, and its completion isn't too far.

One of its great features is 23 new, intriguing, original missions (some of which are linked together and even multi-phase), which bring the total to 100 (!).

Among these missions, there is one that is heavily inspired to the game DreamWeb: it is based on the storyline, Diary of a (Mad?)Man, locations, characters, and symbols from DreamWeb. The result is that solving the mission means re-living the adventure of the main character Ryan, which adds a whole new dimension to BOH.

Some details for the DreamWeb fans:

  • the layout of level 3 is a 1:1 tile-by-tile representation of Ryan's place;
  •  the layout of level 0 represents the symbol drawn in the Diary of a (Mad?)Man;
  •  the layout of level -1 is an almost 1:1 tile-by-tile representation of the underground locations;
  •  the layout of level -100 is an almost 1:1 tile-by-tile representation of the DreamWeb (plus some additions);
  •  the access code of Eden's flat is used for a little puzzle;
  •  the order of the last four passages reflects the sequence of the doors in the DreamWeb;
  •  the names are as per the game;
  •  the people's order is as per the game;
  •  level -100 is accessed/left by teleporting as Ryan is brought to the DreamWeb by a similar mechanism.

Yes, that's BOH at its best - calling it "immersive" is an understatement.


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