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Fight the Evil Masters, if you dare. · By RETREAM


Recent updates

BOH Deluxe physical copies arrived
The BOH Deluxe (and Huenison ) physical copies have arrived, and they look more beautiful than the camera can ever capture!
BOH Deluxe ordering open!
The BOH Deluxe package can now be ordered - check out the picture attached to this post. See this and this post in this devlog for information about the product...
BOH Deluxe package
Soon it will be possible to order the BOH Deluxe package , which puts together the original BOH and BOH ADVANCE in a beautiful sleeve. See this devlog post for...
BOH ADVANCE physical edition
After 18 updates, BOH really deserved a new physical edition: enter the gorgeous BOH ADVANCE package. See this devlog post for ordering information.
BOH Deluxe update
Work on the BOH Deluxe package continues. The alternative package shown in the image has been produced in 10 copies (not for sale). The BOH Deluxe package will...
BOH ADVANCE released
Today BOH receives the 18th free update, a massive update that closes its almost 11 years long development life, brings new features, new missions (for a total...
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BOH ADVANCE testing complete
It took 23.5 hours to test all the 100 missions - and if it took who made the game and the missions (i.e. quite an expert play er who knows the missions by hear...
Sneak peek at physical editions
Only 6 out of 100 missions remain to be tested before BOH ADVANCE is released. At the same time, some very special packaging is being made - have a look at the...

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