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Fight the Evil Masters, if you dare. · By RETREAM


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Recent updates

BOH was originally released on April 4, 2009. Since then, it received 20 (yes, twenty!) free updates that made it better and better. Below is the complete list...
20th free update released
2009 , the year the original BOH was released: (more than) 10 years ago . Over time, BOH received many free updates , and the physical edition produced in...
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New BOH Deluxe production run
New small production run of BOH Deluxe for those who asked for a copy after the first run...
Minor bugfix to C64 and Sci-Fi themes
No further updates were planned, but by chance some tiles in the C64 and Sci-Fi themes have been found to be corrupted due to an unwanted shift to the right, so...
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Minor bugfix to installer for AmigaOS
Unfortunately the installer for AmigaOS contained a little bug: it named the mission Num83r5 as Numb83r5 , instead. This has been fixed and the ISO image and th...
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BOH Deluxe physical copies arrived
The BOH Deluxe (and Huenison ) physical copies have arrived, and they look more beautiful than the camera can ever capture!...
BOH Deluxe ordering open!
The BOH Deluxe package can now be ordered - check out the picture attached to this post. See this and this post in this devlog for information about the product...
BOH Deluxe package
Soon it will be possible to order the BOH Deluxe package , which puts together the original BOH and BOH ADVANCE in a beautiful sleeve. See this devlog post for...
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I originally bought BOH back in 2009 from a post on Atariage. I loved the game then and I am glad that I found you on it...
started by killersquirel Sep 19, 2021
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& why
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