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Gameplay video
Here's a massive gameplay video that will let you see what you have read in the manual - and it shouldn't be too long until you can also experience it ;)
Manual (7)
The very last page of the manual tells you about two very special gameplay features. Now you know everything to dive into SkillGrid 's dynamic action!
Manual (6)
A few special enemies you'll meet along the way...
Catch, dogde, and shoot! [Amiga]
Manual (5)
And with this page, you know everything about the cells you'll have to catch/dodge ;)
Manual (4)
More cells: all the remaining bonuses and the maluses!
Catch, dogde, and shoot! [Amiga]
Manual (3)
Today we start looking at a core aspect of the game: the cells.
Manual (2)
Today's manual pages introduce the gameplay basics.
Catch, dogde, and shoot! [Amiga]
Manual (1)
How about having a look at the manual starting from the story? Other pages from the manual will be posted in the following days so that you can learn the game d...

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