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Development complete!
Great news: development is complete ! Now work on the packaging for the RGCD release has started. CHANGELOG Added skull baddie. Added milestones. Fine-tuned gam...
Preview #9
There's a lot to see in this new video preview! In fact, it shows many of the changes from the (massive) changelog below. CHANGELOG Changed music from 14-bit mo...
SkillGrid on Amiga CD³²
Major piece of news: as you can see from the pictures sent by a couple of testers, SkilGrid has been adapted to the Amiga CD³² ! Other changes: added missiles...
Adding a sub-game (?)
There are about 100 kB of RAM and 4 kB of floppy space left, and I'm trying to come up with something to use them and make the game better before releasing it...
Preview #8
The game is getting closer and closer to completion (in fact, there is almost no floppy disk space left)! This eighth preview demonstrates these new features...
New proof-of-concept background graphics
Third totally different version of background graphics. This is just a proof-of-concept, and the final graphics will mosy likely look different. As a bonus, thi...
Preview #7
Development slowed down a bit in the past couple of months, but still a number of (important) changes have been made: added bossfights; added CHASE cell (the UF...
Preview #6
CHANGELOG Implementeed procedural generation of bottom and middle layers. Redrawn bottom and middle layers graphics. Added spaceship tilting. Touched up music...

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