v2.9 (26.7.2023)
* Avoided redundant re-initializations when a video/pixel mode change requires a reinitialization of the screen/window (Windows version only, due to the AmigaOS development machine no longer working).
Note: due to technical issues, only the Windows executable has been updated.

v2.8 (24.6.2023)
* Removed contact email address from executable.
* Changed contact email address in manual.
Note: due to technical issues, only the Windows executable has been updated.

v2.7 (6.8.2022)
* Added pointer, expansion and guide to the extras shown in the pause screen.
* Worked on manual: added information about HUD and pause screen; made other improvements.

v2.6 (31.7.2022)
* Optimized static strings definitions.
* Changed labels of keyboard and joypad configuration menu items.
* Replaced version string with an AmigaOS-style one.

v2.5 (29.7.2022)
* Added screenshots of internal graphics (now [F1] grab a screenshot of the internal graphics and [F2] of the visible graphics).
* Added [ALT]+[F4] quit option.
* Simplified data files access code.
* Set savedata directory to the game's own data directory also for the Windows installed version (which now is thus identical to the portable version).
* Moved configuration file to the program directory.
* Added to installers code to import previous savedata and clean up leftovers.
* Improved/extended manual.

v2.4 (24.7.2022)
* Reworked assignments of the kind *p++ = ... *p ... (as they are miscompiled by some versions of gcc).
* Removed assignment of function "back" to joypad first button (as that was confusing).
* Added Windows portable version.
* Worked on Windows installer: removed unused data directory; added logo to graphics.

v2.3 (19.7.2022)
* Added support for thumbsticks, as at times Windows treats D-pads as thumbsticks (this is just to support as many joypads as possible: using real thumbsticks is not a good idea anyway).
* Fixed/improved manual.

v2.2 (13.12.2019)
* Simplified and optimized CRT filters.
* Added 6x zoom.
* Added hardware-accelerated zooming for solid pixel modes to AmigaOS version.
* Fixed rate of tune of shoot mode WILD.
* Removed click from menu tune.
* Fixed other sounds.
* Touched up manual.

v2.1 (14.5.2019)
* Fixed handling of work/save paths on Windows.
* Removed SDL_net from Windows installer.

v2.0 (6.2.2017)
* Rewritten most of the code.
* Redrawn all graphics
* Added music.
* Extended and re-balanced gameplay.

v1.3 (13.12.2013)
* ?

v1.2 (23.8.2012)
* ?

v1.1 (29.3.2010)
* Reworked heavily.

v1.0 (17.1.2008)
* First release.


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