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v2.0 (31.07.2021) * Touched up documentation. v2.0 (06.07.2021) * Removed useless code from ALS_COPY_PALETTE_SEGMENT[]. * Removed OCS/ECS code. * Removed OCS/EC...
Documentation update
Touched up documentation...
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AMOS Layers System [Amiga]
v1.97 and v2.1 released
This is a minor update aimed at improving the terminology and the documentation. v1.97 & v2.1 (16.7.2021) Renamed "palette segments" as "segments". Renamed: ALS...
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v1.96 and v2.0 released
As announced recently, here is ALS v2, whose main difference with the previous versions is that it's for AGA only and, therefore, can benefit from faster and sm...
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v1.95 released
Bugfixes and minor changes (if any) aside, this might be the last version that supports OCS and ECS. Supporting all the chipsets requires lots of additional cod...
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v1.94 released
Working on Follix (which uses ALS ) inspired a few improvements. v1.94 (6.6.2021) Added ALS_CHECK_LAYER_INDEX[]. Added ALS_COPY_PALETTE_SEGMENT[]. Added ALS_CRE...
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v1.89 released
This version fixes a few minor issues. v1.89 (21.3.2021) Fixed bug in ALS_SET_DISPLAY_COLORS_RANGE_FROM_PALETTE_SEGMENT[] which caused the low 12 bits of the co...
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