A downloadable library for AMOS devs

ALS stands for AMOS Layers System, as it turns the screens of AMOS Professional into layers that can be laid over one another, with complete control of order, colors and opaqueness, while keeping them renderable as usual.
It is easy, requires little knowledge of the Amiga graphics hardware, does not need installation, does not depend on third-party extensions and comes as a collection of variables, arrays and procedures written in fully commented AMOS code - it can be thought of as an AMOS source-level library.

ALS comes in two versions:

  • v1: for OCS/ECS/AGA - bigger and slower
  • v2: for AGA only - smaller and faster


  • Layers usable as screens and vice versa
  • Overlaying of multiple layers
  • Overlaying order freely arrangeable
  • Per-layer planes height
  • Per-layer planes number
  • Per-layer double-buffering
  • Per-layer vertical positioning
  • Per-layer colors
  • Per-layer 257-degree opaqueness
  • Per-color 257-degree opaqueness
  • 24-bit internal colors
  • LORES horizontal positioning of layers
  • LORES and HIRES display resolutions
  • Programmable display window size
  • Automatic centering of display window
  • Automatic adjustment to chipset (OCS/ECS/AGA)
  • Automatic creation of layers from ILBM files
  • Display descriptors
  • Layer descriptors and snapshots
  • Global snapshots
  • Palettes management
  • Banks management
  • Basic file management


  • Selectable video standard (NTSC/PAL) <ECS Agnus / AGA>
  • Display border blanking <ECS Denise / AGA>


  • Non-EHB 6-plane displays
  • 24-bit display colors
  • 24-bit palette colors
  • SHRES display resolution
  • HIRES and SHRES horizontal positioning of layers
  • 4x planes fetch mode



ALS.lha 621 kB

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