Preview #9

There's a lot to see in this new video preview! In fact, it shows many of the changes from the (massive) changelog below.


  • Changed music from 14-bit mono to 8-bit stereo.
  • Improved audio tracks mixing.
  • Added mothership fight.
  • Added asteroids.
  • Added DOUBLE FIRE cell.
  • Added screen flashing when the NUKE cell is caught.
  • Made NUKE cell cause a 1 unit damage to bosses.
  • Improved destruction sound effect for NUKE cell and boss.
  • Made various changes to the effects of cells.
  • Restricted the types of cells to a selected subset during the first 30 seconds of play.
  • Made the boss weapon mouth and bolt flicker to give the former a more dangerous feel, and make the latter easier to see.
  • Improved transformation of bosses.
  • Added a little graphical effect to the boss.
  • Changed pitches of cell catch sounds (making them more distinguishable and shorter).
  • Added speech warnings.
  • Added looping to alarm sound.
  • Increased the minimum scrolling speed so that it can never become (dangerously) too slow.
  • Changed title / pause / game over screens.
  • Made various other improvements/optimizations/fixes.

(So you've spotted the RGCD logo in the title screen and you're wondering if that perhaps means that the game is going to be released also as a cool physical package? Hush hush... don't tell anyone, but rumor has it that such a package will contain the floppies for Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000, as well as a CD for Amiga CD³²!)

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