SkillGrid on Amiga CD³²

Major piece of news: as you can see from the pictures sent by a couple of testers, SkilGrid has been adapted to the Amiga CD³²!

Other changes:

  • added missiles;
  • changed the way the MULTIPLIER cell deactivates;
  • changed the behaviour of the REPAIR and DAMAGE cells in Music Mode;
  • made timer tick when 10 or less time units remain;
  • refined gameplay parameters;
  • multiplied points by 5;
  • added pause;
  • added 4 new UFO types;
  • touched up some graphics;
  • made screens transitions 100% smooth;
  • made many internal improvements/optimizations/fixes;
  • improved/adapted/extended manual.

Note: the sub-game idea based on the dot-matrix engine mentioned previously had to be dismissed due to lack of space.

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