Preview #8

The game is getting closer and closer to completion (in fact, there is almost no floppy disk space left)!

This eighth preview demonstrates these new features:

 * UFOs escapes feature (if 30 UFOs escape in a row, it's game over - see double-UFO bar in the HUD);
 * DAMAGE cell (broken shield; halves the shield level);
 * HALT cell (halts the spaceship for 2 seconds; see hand bar in the HUD);
 * NUKE cell (destroys all the UFOs on screen);
 * TURN cell (changes randomly the direction of all the UFOs on screen);
 * UFOs/FAST (makes the incoming UFOs move on average at fast speed);
 * UFOs/SLOW cells (makes the incoming UFOs move on average at slow speed);
 * two new UFO types;
 * reworked boss graphics and sound;
 * reworked backgrounds graphics (still temporary);
 * adapted/updated HUD;
 * better explosion sound;
 * better boss AI;
 * more points awarded by boss;
 * a resurfaced glitch that causes sprites to be occasionally rendered in the wrong (and hardware-wise theoretically impossible) colors :p

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It's so long since I've seen a dev blog mentioning available floppy disk space! :-) 

Lovely comment :)

This is a proper retro game for a proper retro computer (the Amiga), so it just has to come on floppies (all 2 of them)!

Since I was an ST owner I'm legally obliged to scorn your Amiga work! :-p

Much love for the 16-bits of all types - and yes, was kind of jealous of the Amiga's sound capabilities back then... great to see games still being made for them and even the 8-bits.  Keep up the good work mate!


And thanks :)