Preview #2


  • Added dynamic allocations of 3 channels for one-shot sounds.
  • Added afterburner looping sound, with variable sound frequency, depending on the ship vertical speed and the scrolling.
  • Added music cell - when caught, music kicks in; as long as music plays, the cells layer is green, meaning that the maluses do not hurt anymore (they award points, instead; the X/Y swap maluses also remove the X/Y swapping).
  • Added music in the form of a 14 bit lossless-packed mono PCM sample played at ~28.9 kHz.
  • Changed the way that the BRAKE cell works (before it brought the scrolling speed to the minimun, now it halves it).
  • Added BOOST cell (it doubles the scrolling speed).
  • Changed slightly the color scheme.
  • Made other minor changes.


  • The afterburner sound is off while music plays to allow enjoying the music better and leaving a channel free for the more important events-related sounds.
  • The afterburner sound volume is kept low so that it does not become annoying.
  • Music requires two channels; while playing, the other two channels can be freely used for other sounds.
  • Music playback supports looping.
  • The music is a temporary placeholder; it is an excerpt from Multiball by Machinae Supremacy (a cover of the Pinball Dreams tracker module by Olof Gustafsson).
  • Despite the video was uploaded in lossless quality, the compression applied by YouTube degraded it a lot.
  • For more information, check out the other previews in the same playlist (

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