SkillGrid v1.2 released!

SkillGrid v1.2 is out! This version improves the game further and, above all, brings also the PRESS PLAY ON TAPE edition, a special version whose soundtrack is the rockin' tongue-in-cheek song "Man with the Gun" by the Commodore 64 revival band PRESS PLAY ON TAPE!

v1.2 (11.04.2022)
1. Added the PRESS PLAY ON TAPE edition.
2. Made the BOOST cell increase the scrolling speed by just 50% (instead of 100%).
3. Fixed the chasing of the spaceship (due to a bhi in place of a bhs, downwards missiles would chase the spaceship as a consequence of catching the CHASE cell).
4. Improved the "escapes critical" speech warning.
5. Replaced the title screen writings.
6. Worked on the manual:
· improved/fixed/extended the setup/launch instructions;
· added information relative to the PRESS PLAY ON TAPE edition.
7. Moved history to separate file.
8. Updated/improved installer.
9. Moved 'S' and 'G' one pixel down and inverted pixels at the bottom of 'r' in the small logo in the bonus directory icon for perfect baseline alignment. 10. Added drawer icon where applicable (the real reason is to ensure that the drawers are shown as intended when browsing the CD from Workbench; however, it can be used also as the icon of the drawer the game is installed in - the installer now even asks if the user wants it; this icon had been omitted until now because it is impossible to provide an icon that suits the styles of all the iconsets available for AmigaOS).
11. Improved the icons layout on the CD.


standard & PPOT editions / CD image (.iso) 64 MB
Apr 12, 2022
standard edition / pre-installed copy (.lha) 1 MB
Apr 12, 2022
PPOT edition / pre-installed copy (.lha) 4 MB
Apr 12, 2022
standard edition / floppies images (.adf) 1 MB
Apr 12, 2022

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Got the original in jewel box. So many goodies, it's fun!

I don't know why but the 1.2 update hangs my 4000/060. Previous versions were okay.

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Thanks for the feedback. Could you provide a detailed report and your system specifications (hardware, OS, special software, etc.), please? You can write to

I have now performed various tests under WinUAE (I don't have an A4000), but I can't get the game to crash. Could you provide a report as per my previous reply, please? Also, could you try to run the game after booting without startup-sequence, please?

As always : terrific support and great vision, thank you ! This is definitely a demanding game I'll spend quite some time getting better at. People definitely need to read the manual / strategy guide !


Thanks a lot, your mindset is a great display of appreciation :)