SkillGrid v1.1 longplay

Want to have a look at SkillGrid v1.1? Here's a huge rollercoaster longplay for you to enjoy!
The video is quite long, but if, you go through it all, you'll get a perfect idea of how varies and dynamic the gameplay is. (By the way, I did catch on purpose some maluses in order to show their features, but I just couldn't force myself to catch all of them!)

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Thank you so much for your engagement for the Ukraine! I'm not from the Ukraine but the whole situation is driving me insane. I have already donated what I could this month for several charities and I won't download any of your software until they are available for payment again. I'll come back and buy your stuff.

Thanks a lot, both for the donations and the intention of buying my software. However, please do feel free to download ;)

Hi ! :-) Hope you're doing well ! I'm not sure if 1.1 was actually released ?

Take care,



No, it has not been released yet. Still stuck due to the NVRAM issue, as I couldn't have tests done (see here for more details) :/
Also, unfortunately, in the past few months I couldn't dedicate time to software development - and the same will be in the foreseeable future.