v1.8 (24.6.2023)
* Removed AmigaOS and Windows installers.
* Changed contact email address.

v1.8 (1.8.2022)
* Touched up documentation.
* Improved installers.
* Improved Windows uninstaller.
* Added uninstaller entry to the QUOD INIT EXIT folder in the Windows start menu.

v1.8 (5.10.2017)
* Fixed mice appearing in the HUD (and maybe even worse things) due to beyond-boundary writes.
* Fixed flagging of subsequent pill catches (there were actually counted up to 255, although that was not visible in the HUD after catching the poison).
* Fixed screen initialization ($d016 was not initialized).
* Fixed poo drop (if started when Zampo was in mid air, the poo would stop in mid air as well).
* Changed points handling: now they start decreasing only after catching the toilet roll, but do it at twice the speed.
* Changed pause controls: now [F1] pauses and unpauses.
* Added return to BASIC by means of [RESTORE].
* Touched up dawn, morning and sunset skies graphics.
* Touched up pill icon.
* Shifted vertical alignment of text characters 1 line down.
* Changed intro text.
* Changed scrolltext.
* Made a few optimizations (in particular, moved all the variables to the zero page).
* Added a separate loader (based on the Covert Bitops Autoconfiguring Loader/Depacker) that loads the game more quickly from disk (the game itself is still a single file that can be loaded directly, so who uses other speed-up solutions does not need this loader).
* Built against a newer and better custom framework.
* Added EasyFlash version.
* Touched up manual.

v1.7 (1.1.2017)
* Added clock (slows everything down).
* Added pill (protects from poison).
* Slown down score decrease.
* Recalibrated probabilities of items.
* Changed Zampo and turbofart design to match the one in QIE II.
* Changed randomization logic.
* Randomized platforms at each restart, so that they always look different.
* Added fried egg.
* Added a little background animation.
* Touched up / updated HUD.
* Removed game over message so that, at the end, the final score remains displayed.
* Sped up a bit intro/outro messages.
* Adapted to newer and better framework.
* Optimized.

v1.6 (7.8.2016)
* Touched up a little bit some animation frames of Zampo (backporting them from the sequel).
* Added gravity, so that the way Zampo jumps/falls looks and feels better, also making the game a little bit easier (as Zampo goes up/down more quickly).
* Fixed bug in code that generates the ornamental dips in the platforms.

v1.5 (7.11.2015)
* Added toilet paper roll gameplay feature.
* Added odd speeds to food.
* Recalibrated hunger parameters and score decay.
* Added morning and afternoon day phases.
* Improved graphics of the other day phases.
* Improved Zampo's run animation by adding a frame and touching up another one.
* Improved graphical design of platforms.
* Updated HUD.
* Added keyboard support ([W/A/S/D] + [SPACE]).
* Changed jump control from [FIRE] to [UP].
* Changed fartro control from [DOWN] to [FIRE].
* Changed abort key from [RUN/STOP] to [F7].
* Added pause (activate with [F1] key, exit with [FIRE] or [SPACE]).
* Made intro and ending a trifle fancier.
* Optimized.
* Built against a newer and better custom framework.
* Onefiled.

v1.4 (29.8.2013)
* Added the fartro (the poison causes also a positive side effect now - just play and see it for yourself).
* Added falling pig animation frame.
* Added glowing when pig is starving (yellow) or full (red).
* Made tunes alternation smoother.
* Optimized loading (though it is still done through the Kernal routines and more graphics are loaded, so don't expect miracles).
* Reworked memory management to make room for more stuff.
* Made some minor graphics improvements.
* Made many internal improvements and various other little changes.

v1.3 (30.8.2012)

v1.2 (30.4.2012)
* Improved the platform details graphics.
* Optimized the loader.
* Made loading time 1 second shorter by crunching the program with Exomizer (instead of pucrunch).

v1.1 (8.11.2010)
* Fixed a graphical glitch which shows only on real machines and accurate emulators.
* Added also level part of score shown in in-game screen.
* Compressed program for faster loading.
* Made various other minor changes.

v1.0 (29.10.2010)
* First release.