v1.9 (8.1.2024)
* Reprocessed executable with improved optimizer tool.
* Touched up manual.

v1.8 (23.6.2023)
* Changed contact email address

v1.8 (7.6.2023)
* Recompiled against ALS v2.5.
* Reprocessed executable with improved optimizer tool that optimizes also multiplications and divisions of variables by powers of 2.

v1.7 (19.3.2023)
* Fixed version string ('/' was used in place of '.').

v1.7 (18.3.2023)
* Fixed 'I' and ']' of big font.
* Removed involuntary dependency on AMCAF (the cleanup code included an Open Workbench command).
* Saved some memory by tweaking the AMOS Professional Interpreter configuration.
* Recompiled against ALS v2.4 (which eliminates the dependency on mathtrans.library).
* Reprocessed executable with improved optimizer tool that optimizes also Exit If ... and While ... Wend.
* Embedded version string in executable.

v1.6 (2.3.2023)
* Fixed 24 bytes memory leak due to the AMOS function Dir First$() by replacing it (and Dir Next$()) with direct calls to dos.library.
* Fixed 24 bytes memory leak due to the new font handling code.

v1.5 (28.2.2023)
* Changed font handling so that diskfont.library is no longer needed.
* Made minimal changes to the startup and cleanup code.

v1.4 (20.2.2023)
* Changed the conditions of many If, Until and While statements and turned For ... Next loops into Repeat ... Until loops to have the AMOS Professional Compiler produce shorter and faster code.
* Recompiled against ALS v2.3.

v1.3 (19.2.2023)
* Fixed endless floppy drive motor spinning
* Recompiled against ALS v2.2.
* Optimized executable with custom tool.
* Touched up manual.

v1.2 (31.7.2021)
* Touched up manual.

v1.2 (18.7.2021)
* Fixed writes to POTGO: OUTLX and DATLX were set instead of OUTLY and DATLY; POTGO is now managed properly by means of potgo.resource.
* Fixed bug that could cause a graphical glitch in the menus.
* Made a tiny optimization.
* Made minor changes to the directories/files tree.
* Recompiled against ALS v2.1.
* Improved manual.

v1.1 (9.7.2021)
* Changed keyboard handling so that the system keyboard speed is not altered after quitting the game.
* Improved font handling.
* Recompiled against ALS v2.0.
* Touched up music (in particular, removed the A#3 and B3 notes crackling, and lots of pops).
* Improved icons.
* Revised manual.

v1.0 (14.3.2021)
* First release.

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