Ring around the World released!

After months of intense work, the game is ready!


pre-installed copy (.lha) 730 kB
24 days ago
floppy disk image 1 (.adf) 880 kB
24 days ago
floppy disk image 2 (.adf) 880 kB
24 days ago
CD images (.iso) 1 MB
24 days ago

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Ahah, I love the writing / dialogs in the game :) Not completed it yet... BTW, I managed to crash it once in the save game dialog. Not sure I can tell you how to reproduce it !

Glad you like the dialogues :)

A few questions about the crash:
* did it consist in simply the game quitting?
 * did it happen when you tried to load a snapshot?
 * are you playing the game on a 1 MB RAM machine? if not, which machine are you using?

Hi ! 

* the game did freeze just after displaying the file selector (I wanted to save the game again - I had resumed the game before and saved once or twice). For some reason, I noticed that the order of the savegames seemed to have been altered (the 2nd and 3rd entries were swapped)

* my setup : A1200, Blizzard 1230-IV 16 MB

Cheers !

Hmm, I must say I'm at a loss.
Never had a freeze there (actually, a freeze at all), even if I use the load/save feature a lot for testing in general. Also, I happen to have the same board, and I've played the game on a heavily customized and patched AmigaOS system.
Do you have other expansion hardware? Which AmigaOS version are you using (I tested the game on Kickstart 1.3, 3.1 and 3.9)?
Are for the reordering: that's normal, the entries get sorted alphabetically.

Hi :) Well, it occurred only once, I'll let you know if I can replicate it ! 

I'm using an almost vanilla 3.2.1 :)

OK, thanks.

That's a damn fine looking and feeling game, I just set it up on WinUAE. Is there a way to save and load a game?

Thanks for the nice words!

Yes, you can load and save games - click the tiny button at the bottom-right corner, select a snapshot, rename it as you please and hit the appropriate floppy button (for the details, please check out the manual).

Thanks for your reply. Oh man, I forgot the golden "RTFM"-rule. :D Alas I'm not able to save my game: When I click on a snapshot and rename it, I confirm by pressing enter. Then I click on the save game icon (the one on the right). If I do that, I return to the game, but when I reopen the menu, the snapshot is named back to its default name and the game isn't saved.

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Hmm... A couple of questions:
 * is the drive write-enabled?
 * are you clicking the [>floppy] button?

Anyway, here's a video showing how the options requester works:

I use the lha-version and just unpacked it in WinUAE. Do I still have do something to make it writeable?

Yes, I did everything as you show it in the video.

It's not such a big deal, savestates in WinUAE are much more reliable than they were some years ago, so I can work with them. But thank you very much for your help.

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No, there's nothing else to do. If you shared a video, I could have a look - feel free to contact me by email (address at the top of the RETREAM page here on itch.io) ;)

Hi ! Didn't expect this :-) Just played for a couple of minutes - I like it so far :) How long is the adventure approximately ? Happy you took the time to resurrect & completely rework this ! As always with your work, feels like a labor of love !

Glad to hear your first impression is positive!

How long is it? I'm not answering - finding it out is part of the fun ;)

From your words it's clear that you read the backstory in the manual - thanks for  that!

What a surprise!


Here's hoping you'll keep on considering it a positive thing also if/when you get stuck!

Let's get it!

And hopefully play it ;)

very good