Preview 5

One more massive preview - and this time only 3 months after the previous one ;)

Preview 5 (11.10.2022)
* Made the game over trigger as soon as the belly meter becomes zero (before there was a grace period of about 5 seconds, but the fact that the game continued while the belly meter was zero looked plainly wrong).
* Changed the main color of Zampo's dark skin.
* Added 4 more baddies.
* Added a zone-complete transition.
* Made the portals sides graphics unique to each zone.
* Made many speed and memory optimizations.
* Touched up some music instruments.
* Started adding the logic to restrict the zones selectable in the frontend to those already reached.
* Fixed an off-by-one bug in the cartridge driver that caused an additional page to be copied from ROM to RAM when the section size was an exact multiple of 256.
* Fixed an off-by-one bug in the sprites multiplexer, which caused multiplexing to be done one line too early, thus corrupting the bottom line of sprites in some cases.
* Fixed/optimized the collision detection of Zampo against food/drinks (a change made just before releasing the previous preview could cause the collisions to be missed when the objects were flickering before disappearing).
* Fixed the collision detection when Zampo is incorporeal (Zampo could collide against food/drinks/baddies as a consequence of the system for handling Zampo's skin introduced by the previous preview).
* Fixed the permanent flashing of Zampo when he caught a spinach can while he was already in STEEL mode and the mode was about to expire.
* Fixed the portals graphics update and a CPU load peak in the FUN PARK zone (a routine was missing a closing jmp, so the portals graphics update was triggered also when it should have not been).
* Fixed the abort function (it did not work properly when Zampo was not in normal mode and did not zero the belly meter).
* Wrote the FUN PARK and FORTRESS zones music.
* Worked on the FUN PARK zone map: expanded it; improved/extended the graphics.
* Worked on the CLIFFS zone map: made it 80 pixels taller (now it is 2048x928 pixels); extended a lot the underground part; added a portal connected to a new location; added a puzzle related to the new portal (the portal is broken and Zampo must repair it after finding the missing piece); changed the design in some places; improved the graphics.
* Worked on the FORTRESS zone map: made it 32 pixels taller (now it is 2048x880 pixels); extended the underground part; touched it up in a few places.
* Worked on the frontend: changed logo design slightly; improved vertical spacing of elements.
* Worked on the documentation: extended/improved the manual; changed slightly the color scheme of quickstart guide and manual.
* Worked on the intro: fixed a couple of things in the text.
* Worked on the zone introduction screen: fixed the initial colors of the letters (they were all black).


preview (2022.10.11) 118 kB
Oct 11, 2022



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very good

Thank you!