Bugfix update

While working on QUOD INIT EXIT IIo I discovered a couple of bugs that affected also its predecessor QUOD INIT EXIT IIm, so I fixed the latter right away. While at it, I made also some other improvements - and resisted the temptation to make the gameplay/graphics like QUOD INIT EXIT IIo.
Note: ironically, the QUOD INIT EXIT IIo preview has not been updated.

May 26, 2022

  • Changed properties of some tiles so that food/drink items do not spawn on top them, becoming uncatchable.
  • Fixed baddies X initialization (the spawning code is distributed across multiple frames to spread the load, but it defined the X before the final position was validated; given that, in the meanwhile, the screen most likely scrolled, at the time of spawning the X could have been unsuitable - and thus caused the baddies, in some circumstances, to appear out of nothing).
  • Fixed sprites clipping code (the fact that the screen is narrower/shorter due to scrolling was not taken into account because of some wrong labels and a constant was off by 1).
  • Made some optimizations.
  • Renamed meters: "belly satisfaction meter" -> "belly meter"; "turbofart charge meter" -> "turbofart meter".
  • Touched up manual.


IIm / C64 cartridge and disk images (.crt + .d64 in .zip) 55 kB
May 26, 2022
IIm / AmigaOS package (.lha) 1 MB
May 26, 2022
IIm / Windows installer (.exe) 2 MB
May 26, 2022


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