Manual updated

This update brings QUOD INIT EXIT IIm only an improved manual. But the real news is that who purchased the game can now download also a preview of its big brother QUOD INIT EXIT IIo!


IIm / AmigaOS package (.lha) 1 MB
Mar 16, 2020
IIm / Windows installer (.exe) 2 MB
Mar 16, 2020
IIo preview / C64 cartridge image (.crt in .zip) 98 kB
Mar 16, 2020



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Looks cute and so tidy with all hires graphics!
Thanks for sharing the actual status, it seems there is already a lot to play in the preview.

Stay safe, stay creative

Thanks a lot :)

Yep, I'm trying to stay safe... I'm staying home! That's what I wholeheartedly suggest to everybody, even if their country is not enforcing that by law (yet). The coronavirus threat must not be underestimated.

Take care!

Is it a single file .prg?

(1 edit)

No, it's available only as an EasyFlash cartridge image (.crt).