v3.7 (20180614)

Fixed graphical glitches when entering the player's name (the background might be restored wrongly due to a missing Blitter wait and the cursor sprite was not visible due to a .l in place of a .w).
Printed some texts in yellow or orange instead of red, as that gives a much better result with RF/composite video out.
Changed style of name/logo ("MeMO" instead of "MEMO") to recall the original one.
Improved look of commas.
Improved startup and cleanup procedures.
Made ~20 kB smaller.

v3.6 (20171123)
Made music stop during pause.
Removed debugging leftover that printed a row of pixels at the top left of the pause screen.
Fixed right side of the "DIGGERS" card (the rightmost column of pixels was black).
Touched up playback volume of two samples in the in-game music.
Touched up "about" screen.
Recompiled against updated custom framework.

v3.5 (20130414)
Updated RETREAM logo.

v3.4 (20120513)
Made various minor changes.

v3.1 (20120303)
Fixed tilt string address reference (could cause crashes).
Fixed version string.
Ensured that the CIA-based interrupt handler never gets in the way of the graphics update (under some particular circumstances, it could cause the skipping of a frame).

v3.0 (20110313)
Reworked the Quick Edition (v2.4) so much that a new game was born.

Quick Edition

Original Edition


pre-installed copy (.lha) 392 kB
Jun 15, 2018
disk image (.adf) 880 kB
Jun 15, 2018

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