v3.11 (20210601)
* Fixed bug (introduced by the previous update) that allowed both players to point the same card at the same time.
* Recompiled against further updated custom framework, which makes the startup and cleanup procedures more robust (these last changes did not make it to the previous update by mistake).
* Improved manual slightly.

v3.10 (20210529)
* Recompiled against updated custom framework, which makes the startup and cleanup procedures more robust.
* Removed some leftover code that caused the program directory to remain locked.
* Added support for joystick in mouse port.
* Reworked/extended menu.
* Touched up hiscores graphics.
* Changed design of 'G' character.
* Made a few minor changes/optimizations.
* Added a new old-style 4 color icon (the previous one was accidentally deleted with the previous update).
* Improved/extended manual.

v3.9 (20200626)
* Recompiled with the P61 flag p61exec set correctly (i.e. 1; before it was set to 0, and that caused music not to play on systems with the CPU vbr register pointing to a location other than 0).
* Avoided saving of the hiscore file when no hiscore is made.
* Moved some data to the code section, thus saving some bytes thanks to the PC-relative addressing modes.
* Made a little improvement to the startup routine.
* Fixed/improved manual.

v3.8 (20191124)
* Fixed/improved music.
* Updated P61 code with the latest version (P6112).
* Replaced TV Sports: Football card with SkillGrid's.
* Added old-style 4 color icon.
* Fixed/improved manual.

v3.7 (20180614)
* Fixed graphical glitches when entering the player's name (the background might be restored wrongly due to a missing Blitter wait and the cursor sprite was not visible due to a .l in place of a .w).
* Printed some texts in yellow or orange instead of red, as that gives a much better result with RF/composite video out.
* Changed style of name/logo ("MeMO" instead of "MEMO") to recall the original one.
* Improved look of commas.
* Improved startup and cleanup procedures.
* Made ~20 kB smaller.

v3.6 (20171123)
* Made music stop during pause.
* Removed debugging leftover that printed a row of pixels at the top left of the pause screen.
* Fixed right side of the "DIGGERS" card (the rightmost column of pixels was black).
* Touched up playback volume of two samples in the in-game music.
* Touched up "about" screen.
* Recompiled against updated custom framework.

v3.5 (20130414)
* Updated RETREAM logo.

v3.4 (20120513)
* Made various minor changes.

v3.1 (20120303)
* Fixed tilt string address reference (could cause crashes).
* Fixed version string.
* Ensured that the CIA-based interrupt handler never gets in the way of the graphics update (under some particular circumstances, it could cause the skipping of a frame).

v3.0 (20110313)
* Reworked the Quick Edition (v2.4) so much that a new game was born.

v2.x (2003, never released)
* Quick Edition

v1.x (1997, retired)
* Original Edition

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