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The game is really enjoyable especially the old look but i don't know how to exit, i hard to hard stop my computer once and then sign out with the ctrl + alt + shift shortcut.

Glad you like the game so much :)

You can quit in several ways:
* [ALT]+[F4]
* [ALT]+[X]
* pass to window mode with [ALT]+[D] and then click on the window close gadget or select File->Exit from the menu.

Thank's. I'll do that next time.

You're welcome!


how do i start the game? when i enter it does some sort of a commodore thing and i have no clue how to do this

The game starts with a notice: there you need to press either [D] or [N] (as indicated on screen).
After that, the intro will load automatically. At each screen of the intro, press [FIRE] when the green arrow flashes to pass to the next screen (or to start the game when the logo is displayed).
Once the game loads, it starts with the ApocalypShield interface getting corrupted (done intentionally done to represent the fact that somebody is hacking into it): that's where you enter your name.
After that, the interface is restored and you can start the game.

For more details, please check the file USEFUL_TIPS.txt and, even better, the on-disk manual (you can start this from the game's own menu).

Note about the loads: please be patient, the game runs precisely on the Commodore 64, so it takes a few seconds ;)