v1.3 released

v1.3 (21.02.2023)
* Fixed endless floppy drive motor spinning.
* Fixed graphical glitch that could happen in the transition between the game and information screens.
* Made disappearance of game area when passing to the pause screen happen in a single frame instead of two.
* Added clearing of CPU caches after the loading of the data file (as that contains also a couple of machine code routines).
* Changed the conditions of many If, Until and While statements and turned For ... Next loops into Repeat ... Until loops to have the AMOS Professional Compiler produce shorter and faster code.
* Sharpened the top/bottom sides of the menu buttons.
* Recompiled against ALS v2.3.
* Optimized executable with custom tool.
* Touched up manual.


pre-installed copy (.lha) 495 kB
37 days ago
floppy disk image (.adf) 880 kB
37 days ago
CD image (.iso) 982 kB
37 days ago

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