v1.6 released

v1.6 (02.03.2023)
* Fixed 24 bytes memory leak due to the AMOS function Dir First$() by replacing it (and Dir Next$()) with direct calls to dos.library.
* Fixed 24 bytes memory leak due to the new font handling code.


pre-installed copy (.lha) 695 kB
28 days ago
floppy disk image (.adf) 880 kB
28 days ago
CD image (.iso) 994 kB
28 days ago

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This game is so intriguing and inspiring. Well done!

Love your comment but... are you sure you're referring to ArtPazz? It's just a simple puzzle game, after all ;)

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Although what you are saying is true, I am a developer myself. From that point of view, I do confirm my previous comment, meaning that your work is inspiring to me. :-

I'm glad (and flattered) then!