v1.2 (31.07.2021)
* Touched up manual.

v1.2 (18.07.2021)
* Fixed writes to POTGO: OUTLX and DATLX were set instead of OUTLY and DATLY; POTGO is now managed properly by means of potgo.resource.
* Fixed bug that could cause a graphical glitch in the menus.
* Made a tiny optimization.
* Made minor changes to the directories/files tree.
* Improved manual.

v1.1 (09.07.2021)
* Changed keyboard handling so that the system keyboard speed is not altered after quitting the game.
* Improved font handling.
* Recompiled against ALS v2.0.
* Touched up music (in particular, removed the A#3 and B3 notes crackling, and lots of pops).
* Improved icons.
* Revised manual.

v1.0 (14.03.2021)
First release.

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