v1.89 released

This version fixes a few minor issues.

v1.89 (21.3.2021)

  • Fixed bug in ALS_SET_DISPLAY_COLORS_RANGE_FROM_PALETTE_SEGMENT[] which caused the low 12 bits of the colors to be set to the same value as the high 12 bits (because the instruction Areg(0)=PSA was placed just after the beginning of a loop, despite the comment just above said: "Areg(0) is set only once before the loop thanks to the fact that it is updated by Call with the value returned by ALS_SETCOLORXXRANGE()").
  • Replaced all End/Pop Proc[False] with End/Pop Proc[0], as False might crash the Compiler in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a comment in the ALS code.
  • Fixed the metadata of a couple of ILBM files.
  • Added a note to the demo3 program.
  • Updated manual.


ALS.lha 542 kB
Mar 21, 2021


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